Gr8 Oriëntering

The new Grade 8’s will be introduced to the school as “Die Smurfies/ The Smurfs”
In the first week of high school life, they will learn about school spirit every
morning as they will entertain the rest of the school with the various school war cries, which will be taught to them by the Matric Council members.
All the prefects will be in charge of a specific Grade 8 class.
Each class will be responsible for a play which they will put together, practice and perform at the annual “Groentjiekonsert”. 

The theme of this year’s concert will be, of course: SMURFS! The Grade 8’s will have the opportunity to show off all their hidden acting talents and really entertain the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles….even the teachers! The usual “SPA Treatment” at the farm will not disappoint and all the new teachers will have their “taste” of true Bekker hospitality!!



Welcome to Bekker, “SMURFIES!”