Netbal / Netball


Ons dogters is kliphard besig om te oefen vir die Netbal seisoen van 2019.

Die afrigters vir die onderskeie spanne is as volg:

O/14A – Mev. M. Rosato en Mej. B. Elveldt

o/14B – Mej. Y. Strodfordt

O/15A – Mev Grobler

O/15B – Mev. P. de Klerk

O/16A – Mev. M. Snyders

O/16B – Mej. H. Wolhuter

O/17A – Mej. M. Strauss

Tweede span – Mej C. Steenkamp

Eerste Span. Mev. T. Buitendag en Mev. L. de Beer.

Ons neem aan twee kompetisies deel die jaar en  die super 16 is al reeds aan die gang.  Ons wens al ons afrigter en spelers baie sterkte toe.

A Netball Player’s Prayer

“God, thank you for this game I love,

and for the strength to play.

I need my coaches, team mates , and opponents,

Although I may not say it.

Please keep me safe from injury,

As on the court I go.

Give grace in defeat and victory,

Your matchless love to show.

Bless all who helped invest in me,

Whose wisdom helped me grow.

I know it is just a game, dear Lord

But how I love is so.”

( Author: Unknown)

Netbal 1ste Span / Netball 1st Team 2019

1st Team

0/16 A

0/15 A

2nd Team

2019 Netball Teams

0/14 A

0/17 A

0/16 B

0/14 B