High School Bekker


Bekker Turns Green Future Dreams Into Gold


We lead the inexperienced youth to become mature adults through:

  1. Equipping them with academic:

1.1. Knowledge and

1.2. Skills

  1. Optimal development of sport
  2. Stimulating them through exposure to cultural activities
  3. Live our religious values and principles to the full
  4. Acknowledging and respecting diversity
  5. Developing leadership
  6. Exposure to a unique agricultural study opportunity


  1. Christian Principles

We acknowledge that we depend on God to achieve success and we run the school on Christian Principles.

  1. Excellence

Continuous improvement in achievements and standards.

  1. Adaptability

Flexible and able to change in reaction to changing circumstances.

  1. Fairness

Fairness under all circumstances and unbiased recognition based on merit.

  1. Initiative

Seize opportunities and assume responsibility without hesitation.

  1. Integrity

A search for the truth in an honest and credible way and its practical realization.

  1. Creativity

Develop new ideas and use innovative concepts.

  1. Perseverance

To work hard and to persevere despite difficulties.

  1. Obedient Self-discipline

To carry out orders and to follow rules with self-discipline.

  1. Loyalty

Willingness to put the interest of Bekker High School first.

  1. Respect

Mutual respect between teachers and pupils as well as pupils among each other.

  1. Friendliness.

Accept the challenge that life offers with a smile.