High School Bekker

We kick off every year with our Inter House event during which our mass participation propagates. The teams put in a lot of effort and the learners support their friends with dedication. The two teams compete not only on the athletics field against each other, but also on the pavilion to determine who has the most spirit. The conductors make an effort with their teams and even their arrival is well planned. It’s a wonderful day full of fun and team spirit – truly a day to look forward to. The track items include short distances, hurdles and long distances. Field items are high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus and javelin.

The annual Inter High takes place in Potchefstroom where all our top athletes participate. In preparation for this, we have two friendly athletics events to make absolutely sure that the athletes are well prepared for this annual event.

The singing team rehearses for weeks in advance as we are a school to beat on the pavilion. The singers are well disciplined and well prepared for this day as we are strong competitors and serious participants in this competition.

After the Inter High, a selected group of athletes will take part in the Cluster Meeting to qualify for the district championships, from where they will then participate in the Gauteng and South African championships.

Here at Bekker High School, the girls’ hockey consists of 5 teams, namely the under 14, 15 and 16 teams, the 2nd team and the first team.

We take part in the Puk series and the D2 league every year.

Bekker’s first girls hockey team is called the Tigers and it is every hockey girl’s dream to play for the Tigers.

Bekker High School has two boys hockey teams, namely the Junior and Senior boys teams.

We take part in the Puk series every year as well as the D2 league which is played on grass pitches. We also participate in the West Rand league, which is played on Astro fields.

The senior boys hockey team is called the Warriors and is widely known for their war cries before they run with a game on the field.

It is with great excitement to announce that Bekker High School will enter two teams in the Gauteng West league this year. The two teams will consist of a junior and a senior team. The junior team consists of a combination of 0/14 and 0/15 boys.

The senior team that will represent Bekker in the league consists of 0/16 to 0/19 boys. This year’s group of boys shows great potential and we look forward to being part of their development and transformation into excellent cricketers and ambassadors of our school.

Cross country is more than just running and exercising. The aim is to cultivate a love for Cross Country among the learners.

Cross country is working on overall fitness that will benefit all the sports.

The extracurricular activity improves the athlete’s self-esteem, self-discipline and purposefulness. It cultivates a positive lifestyle.

Netball is played by two teams of seven players, with the aim of shooting a ball through the opposing team’s goal ring, which is positioned ten feet above the ground.

Netball brings together a combination of speed, skill, agility, balance and tactics. The match is contested by two teams of seven players and involves one team penetrating another team’s territory with the aim of shooting a ball through their opponent’s net.

Netball is the highest participation sport in school. Regardless of age, gender and ability, anyone can play netball, have fun and learn skills to take in their everyday lives.

Bekker High School has an active equestrian team that participates in SANESA on behalf of Bekker. SANESA is a national interschool sport and the equestrian team obtains individual points as well as points for their school.