High School Bekker

Hoërskool Bekker hostel kitchen and dining hall

Our dining hall and kitchen in collaboration with Brian’s Supermarket is the heart beat of our hostels. This is where our hostel learners receive all their meals. Weekly menu’s are send each Sunday to our parents to inform them of the meals that will be served during the week. Photos of meals are also placed on social media platforms for parents to be aware the quality meals being served.

We have two eating sessions for our junior and senior hostel learners and is discipline in the dining hall a priority. All meals are prepared by staff from our own kitchen where up to 300 meals are served three times per day, each meal prepared with pride and love.

The kitchen is serviced on a monthly basis and deep cleaned every 6 months and certified to comply with all health requirements.

The dining hall and and kitchen at Hoërskool Bekker delivers a top quality hostel experience!

Meal times are as follow:

Breakfast       –          06:15 (Junior hostels)

                                    06:40 (Senior hostels)

Lunch            –           14:00 (Senior hostels)

  • 14:30  (Junior hostels)

Dinner            –           17:15  (Senior hostels)

                                    17:40  (Junior hostels)

Learners are also welcome to support the hostel tuck shop (Mug and Bekker) in the afternoon and during study break