High School Bekker

African Drums and Sêr

Bekker High School offers African Drums and Sêr as a combined cultural activity. Learners are introduced to African rhythms and music across Africa where they perform the rhythms with singing on drums. Wednesday afternoons are our culture days when we get together to not only work hard, but also to have fun. The team performs at the school during cultural functions and will also start encouraging teams with spirit capture during Rugby and Netball matches. The team will also participate in cultural competitions: RACA, presented by Randfontein High School, our own proud Bekker Arts Festival, NEA National Eisteddfod and Tshwane Youth Arts Festival where schools across South Africa participate. These are great events where only the best cultural groups excel on stage.


Bekker Christian Organization

BCO focuses on cultivating healthy, meaningful relationships with fellow Christians as you grow as a Christian in your own relationship with God. In these difficult and uncertain times, BCO is a safe haven where we enjoy praise, serve one another and reach out to the community.


BEKREK – From the horse’s mouth

The school newspaper, die Bekrek, publishes content regarding Bekker learners and their activities and achievements inside and outside the school context. This team is also responsible for the yearbook.

We encourage our learners to showcase their creativity, journalism, photography and cartooning.



Weekly drama lessons are available, where our learners can develop their acting skills and grow as young actors. Our learners with loud applause and compliments from our audiences have, previously performed major productions such as Beauty and the Beast, Wizard of Oz and Grease the Play. We are very excited to participate in the Allegretto National Eisteddfod later this year.


Youth Show

The aim is to cultivate the pupils’ interest in agriculture and life skills and to teach careers in agriculture as well as entrepreneurship.

Pupils show with the animals, wash the animals and do preparation of the animals. There are competitions as showman and group show.

Pupils take an active part in the following categories:

  • Cattle (Beef and dairy cattle)
  • Goats (Meat, milk and fiber)
  • Sheep (Meat and wool)
  • Horses
  • Pigs
  • Pigeons
  • Poultry
  • Rabbits
  • Dairy products
  • Culinary arts


Arts Festival

At Bekker we promote art in all forms. We encourage learners to participate and get involved in our annual Arts Festival, which is usually held in May. The Festival has been growing since 2017 and attracts more than 200 participants annually. The Arts Festival provides a platform for our learners, where they can participate in can develop and live out the arts and their creative talents. Categories include the performing as well as creative arts: Creative Writing, Photography and Crafts. This year we are introducing a new category, namely stage makeup.


Land Service

Land service is a movement that strives for four pillars. The four pillars in land service are:

  1. Love for God
  2. Love for Nature
  3. Love for yourself / fellow human being
  4. Hard work

At Bekker High School, we cultivate a passion in the children to have love for God, nature and other people


Mr. and Miss. Bekker Beauty Competition

Mr. and Miss. Bekker is not just a beauty pageant, it is an opportunity for our learners to take part in community initiatives. It is a way for our school to reach out to our community in a positive and exciting way. The learners take part in interviews, photo sessions and a final gala evening on stage. Through these methods, our judges choose the best ambassador for Bekker High School.



An annual event that brings together intelligent young people to exercise their freedom of speech. Orators are one of the most important skills in our society. It is highly recommended as it enables learners to excel at high academic levels. At Bekker, we encourage critical thinking that makes young people act on different social platforms. We are proud to develop dynamic young people to push boundaries with innovative ideas. This is where brilliant young people come together and enjoy the spotlight.



We offer chess as an individual and team sport.

There are several tournaments throughout the year where chess players can participate individually. The individual tournaments take place as an open tournament where different ages play against each other or as a tournament where the player participates in a specific age group.

As a team, schools in the West Rand play against each other on a specific day and in the Super 14 series. The team competitions have been held on ice since the pandemic, but while we wait, we take part in the individual tournaments that are already taking place.



Whipping is a new activity at Bekker High School. If you think it is easy, come try it! An art of a different kind.