High School Bekker

Where can you go to school with a golden sunrise, green maize fields, the chirping of birds, a bulging cow, sheep bleating, a rooster crowing and heaps of fresh air? Bekker Farm offers each child this unique experience!

Where do children still get a chance to wiggle their fingers in the ground while helping to plant spinach plants, still see the dew glistening on the peppers when they help pick and to realize what our human responsibility is to care for animals on a daily basis?

Bekker Farm offers exactly that and many more!

Bekker High School currently boasts an Afrikaner stud and in 2021 bought our own Afrikaner stud bull. During the annual Youth Show Championships, the learners use our own stud to show.

In collaboration with Iron Holdings, the school also boasts a Bonsmara stud. The cattle are used for breeding purposes and from our feedlot, we supply meat to the Bekker Farm Shop and the hostels.

The laying hens provide the Bekker Farm Shop, the hostels and the community with eggs. There are horses, pigs, boer goats, dairy goats and sheep on the farm. All these animals are also used during annual Youth Show championships.

The school plants crops and vegetables according to season and has already had successful harvests on maize, oats, teff, wheat, oulandsgras, peppers, cabbage, pumpkin, spinach, eggplant, tomatoes and butternuts.

The farm offers five tunnels for vegetables, 12.5 irrigated hectares and 19.5 hectares of dry land.

In the near future, the farm intends to expand and put a hydroponics system in place for the learners.

The farm is there to give our learners the opportunity to gain first-hand practical experience, to broaden their knowledge and to cultivate a love for agriculture.