High School Bekker

Shh… Listen… Hear how your high school is calling you!

Birds, monkeys, cattle, chickens, pigs. Hostel fun, planting and plowing.
Athletics, rugby, netball, hockey, cricket, horse riding. EGD, Geography, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Accounting, Business Studies, Tourism, CAT, Consumer Studies, Agricultural Management Practices, Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Technology, Agricultural Studies, Afrikaans, English, Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy. Leadership, Drama, African Drums, Sêr and Drama.

Everything… in one place!

Bekker High School… The best-kept secret, in the heart of Magaliesburg in Gauteng, is a double medium, parallel medium Agricultural School that will provide for all your child’s needs! Bekker High School is built on the foundation of 10 values: respect, balance, loyalty, excellence, love, serviceability, humility, responsibility, honesty and gratitude

Here, the green and gold flow through our veins, because at Bekker we make green future dreams, gold!

Hoërskool Bekker Reception Entrance:

R98: The main entrance is opposite the netball courts.

Hostel Entrance:

This entrance is only for parents dropping off their children at the hostel on a Sunday afternoon or picking up their children from the hostel on a Friday afternoon. No public transport allowed.

General Enquiries (Reception):
Telephone: 014 577 5936
Fax: 014 577 5937/8
E-mail address: general@hsbekker.co.za

Financial Enquiries:
School Finance: skool@hsbekker.co.za
Hostel Finance: koshuis@hsbekker.co.za
Bus Routes and Finance: bus@hsbekker.co.za
Applications / Registrations: info@hsbekker.co.za

R98, Plaas Zeekoehoek, Magaliesburg, Gauteng 1791

GPS Coordinates:
-25,9487316, 27,5564223

Postal Address:
Private Bag X5002,


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Page Name: Hoërskool Bekker High School
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